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Weird and Unusual Writing Jobs that Requires the Highest Level of Creativity

Whether you have a journalism degree from the best college in the world or you are in your third degree in journalism, you may still find yourself still not the best in the writing job market. It is the high time you get facts right why despite your wonderful academic merits, you still can’t find writing gigs which are well paying even with many years of experience below your belt. But the challenge is you may be just fresh from college and you have huge student loans to pay, you need finance to put food on the table and at the same time, it is the high time to start your family. Don’t feel as if all is lost because millions of Americans are still exploiting these rewarding writing opportunities highlighted in this website. The wonderfulness of the modern online writing gigs is they are there for everyone provided you will develop very creative content that cause great traffic online. This site will take you through these creative writing gigs that are unusual but very rewarding.

The first gig which requires sound creativity but very rewarding is coming up with online dating profiles. If you have simple basics of dating, then you just need to season your ideas so that you can be a prolific writer for the top online dating websites. The best way of writing these gigs is sounding romantic without filling your content with cliches. Online dating is a real business and there are very many online dating companies which are looking for prolific writers to make them stunning online dating content.

With sound creativity you can also venture in writing fortune cookies. Sometimes you have read these fortune cookies and you even tend to wonder what they mean in the first place and if that is the case, then know that the cookie was written by a writer who was tired and struggling to connect dots of creativity. Here, you should aim at coming up with the craziest as well as outlandish fortunes.

You can also use your creativity to become a gravestone writer and you come up with content that will inspire anyone who will read it. For instance, writing an epitaph may look very easy because it has a single or two sentences. However, summarizing the entire life of a person who lived for several decades into just few words is not a light task. You will have to be very creative so as to come up with an inspiration that will comfort spirits of the his loved ones any time they see the gravestone.

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