How To Build Muscle After 35

We’ve got a controversial one here for you today. The fact of the matter is this – I’m going to make the statement right off the bat. You cannot build muscle over the age of 35 unless you are on TRT, which is TestosteroneReplacement Therapy, or as some would call it ‘hormone replacement therapy’. Or use sarms such as andarine (s4).

I know this to be the case. I know this because someone left a comment on my video that said that was true. So we know it must be true. Now I’m going to put this comment up here and I want to read it for you, and then we’regoing to start breaking it down because you guys obviously have to sense the sarcasm inmy voice. This ain’t true, okay?

Now, let’s put some context here. The guy’s name is going to be blurred out. I’m not looking to cause a personal attack by me, or any of my viewers against this guybecause everybody’s entitled to their opinion.

But his sentiment is downright wrong. Jessie wanted to nominate him as “Professor Dickweed”, or something like that. I don’t care. You can call him whatever you want, but I’m not going to name him publicly. But I want to read what he said. “Jeff, I really like your videos and I’ve watched them for, maybe, two years now. But there’s an elephant in the room, and that elephant is that you are on HRT” – Try Andarine (S4).

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